How to get male cat to stop meowing (no other questions quite covered this)?

April 7, 2017Posted by Valerie Ray


Sarah Cruzinlo Asked: How to get male cat to stop meowing (no other questions quite covered this)?

We're both experienced cat owners, but have never experienced this:

Male cat, short-hair maine coon mix, 1.5 years old, indoor, perfect health, up to date on all vet checks.

Walks in a pattern in the house. Same route every time, all the time. And I mean ALL THE TIME. same route, never varies. while doing this (and this is the actual problem), he meows, yowls, and howls. It's not the "i'm hurt" meow, it's the sharp loud obnoxious meow, either in his own little world, or looking you right in the eyes. then comes yowling, then comes howling. he's developing his sounds too. Occasionally he gurgles in the middle of his howl, he varies the pitch, etc. It was quite interesting the first time. But now... he does it constantly. No joke, if he's not eating, sleeping, drinking or using the bathroom, he's walking back and forth and back and forth making awful noises. When he gets too tired to walk around, but not tired enough to sleep, he sits still and yowls till he passes out. He has plenty of toys, a variety of food, always fresh water, different beds in different locations etc... we have the perfect cat home.

at first we thought it was attention, but if you try to pet him, he doges and continues on the path. If you pick him up, he struggles till you let him go. If you get his toys, he ignores them. Even catnip... he'll pay attention to it literally for about 20 seconds, then continue what he's doing. The only thing that makes him stop is if he's hungry/thirsty, has to go, or is sleeping. We've tried taking him out, riding in the car (which he used to love), bringing him to other animals (again, he used to love), ignoring him, etc... Vets are baffled and I'm at my ropes end. Any advice?

Is there a way to connect a recording to this question? seriously, out of the countless cats we've dealt with, we've never experienced anything quite like this.