Danger of Kids TV

July 27, 2017Posted by Valerie Ray


My 1st Grade son, Jason, loves to watch Disney Channel, Nickelodeon & Cartoon Network. Yesterday evening while watching one of the channels (I don't know which one), he saw an advertisement and went on a mental rampage.

The ad was for a breakfast product in a package. According to Jason, the voiceover had told the listener that they "must" get the product so that they could pick up the free video game CD that was included with the box. He picked up on the word "must" and insisted that we buy him this breakfast stuff so that he could get the free gift.

My wife and I had stopped buying this breakfast product for several months now, because we learned that they are devoid of nutrients and fortified with chemicals to:well, fortify them of course.We also learned from some underground source that food products that are sold on the basis of their free stuff are nutrient dead food. If you don't believe me, go to the grocery section and see if real nutrient heavy food products come with any gifts.

In the course of my discovery of natural health, I stumbled upon the simple, logical fact that nutrient rich natural foods don't need to be fortified because they have all the required nutrients. It's only nutrient bleached food that needs to be fortified.

Back to Jason. For the next half-an-hour he was throwing a tantrum that we must (that word again) buy him that breakfast stuff. At the end we had to give him an ultimatum to either desist or have his TV time trashed for the rest of the day. It worked:

Since we stopped buying packaged breakfast products for Jason, we've fed him natural foods and we believe that he has not gone to the doctor for the last 3 months, partly because he's eating real food now.

I worked as a marketing guy for 21 years in Big Pharma and learned the nuances of the power of suggestion and actually put it to work quite successfully with my customers - the doctors. We learned what the power words are that trigger an emotion and drive people to buy stuff. I never once thought I would be on the receiving end of such tactics.

This is why I say that the TV is dangerous as it puts wrong messages (together with right ones too) into kids minds.